Corporate and Institutional Clients

Our research focus is on the S&P/ASX 50 Leaders Index in which approximately 70% of pension funds invest their flows in Australian Equities. In times of high volatility like the current equity market, liquidity is essential to build portfolios and realise targetted TSRs (Total Shareholder Returns).

Our services for corporate and institutional clients include:

  • Portfolio Construction
  • Corporate Advisory


Supplemented by our quality research, our team has expertise in facilitating timely and accurate equity trading for corporate and institutional clients.

Franked dividends are one of the few legitimate "tax shelters" left in Australia.

Our research discipline is to review the S&P/ASX 50 Leaders each financial year, to select up to 20 stocks excluding A-REITs & Infrastructure stocks (reducing the stock population to 40) to form the Recommended Portfolio.

We take a 1-year view of the market during which the Recommended Portfolio remains unchanged. This is the major point of difference with Fund Managers who typically take a 3-5 year view of equity markets, and benchmark against the S&P/ASX 200 Index.


With our expertise, our team is experienced in providing options trading for institutional clients.

Fund Raising

Our team is experienced in facilitating the raising of funds for IPOs and share placements.

Margin Lending

YOC Securities have partnered with two leading organisations to provide access to their margin lending programs. A Margin Loan allows you to borrow, in addition to your own capital, to invest in shares, managed funds, cash deposits and assets within wrap accounts. You can leverage an existing portfolio or create a new portfolio to increase your investment opportunities more than if you were solely using your own capital.

More information can be found on our partner's web pages at Leveraged Equities and BT Margin Loans.


For corporate issue placements, commissions of up to 5% may be payable by the corporate client. No fees are usually paid by investors.